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Karla E. M.

I enrolled my daughter into Donita Ballet School when she was five years old. My daughter is now nine, and she still enjoys going to class every week. Donita is a great teacher. She challenges all of her students at all levels to be the best dancers they can be so they can continually move up to the next level and become great dancers. Donita teaches proper ballet techniques and teaches her students the proper names of the steps they learn, as well. Aside from teaching proper technique through repetition in the weekly classes, Donita has her students apply the techniques in dance choreographies she prepares for the students, which then become the dance numbers in the lovely, professionally executed annual presentation that takes place at the end of the school year. To all parents who want their dancers to receive ballet instructions from a true professional and experienced ballet teacher, I highly, highly recommend Donita Ballet School!!”

And I’m very happy my text will help promote your school. You are a great teacher and very dedicated to your students and to your craft. You remind me a lot of the ballet teacher my sister had back when she took ballet lessons as a kid: Sonia was also very dedicated to her students, and challenged them to be their best. When I looked for ballet classes for Kasandra, I did so hoping to find someone like I remembered Sonia to be. I am so happy I found you! You’re the most professional ballet instructor I have met in North America (US and Canada).

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