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Katie A.

I have been a student at Donita Ballet School for over 25 years. Donita is a fantastic teacher with a lot of passion, creativity and attention to detail. At her school you will learn proper technique, musicality, coordination and performance. And trust me… you will hear about it if you’re not giving 110%!!! She will use all her incredible energy and sheer force of will (and very loud voice!) to push you until you get it right! And because of that, her students are strong, capable dancers with none of the terrible injuries seen so often at other schools. But Donita is just as quick to laugh, and in her classrooms we are all friends… we help each other with choreography and corrections (and support when your friggin turns just aren’t working out that day!), and often get together outside the classroom. It really is a great community! You won’t find the cattiness and competitiveness between the girls here as you do in other schools.

Donita teaches students of all levels and abilities. I do not have a dancer’s body, and I go to class now only once or twice a week as work allows, but with those limited hours she has given me good technique, great coordination, exercise, grace and a love of dance. But in my classes I have also seen Donita turn out professional grade dancers for those who were committed to a career in dance. Natalli Reznik was a fellow student for many years and went on to the final 4 in So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She also worked with Cirque Du Soleil, and on film and TV, toured as a professional dancer with Nelly Furtado and Kelly Rowland, and performed onstage with Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo etc. Michelle Fox is another fellow classmate and friend who went on to graduate from Ryerson Dance and is now a professional contemporary dancer, performing as a company member with Cadence Progressive Contemporary Ballet, in music videos, and now as a performer and co-founder of the in’trinzik dance project. Whether you want a career in dance, or just love the exercise, challenge and friendships of a dance class, this is a great school that I would recommend to anyone.

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