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Welcome to Donita Ballet School

Established in 1980 and based in Toronto, Ontario, the school focuses on technique, performance, and a love of dance and music.

Donita Ballet School has produced excellent classical ballet dancers, remarkable for their outstanding technique. The success of Donita Ballet School’s students in auditions with prestigious organizations such as the National Ballet School of Canada, Le Cirque du Soleil, the dance programs at Ryerson and York Universities, are vivid testimonies of a superior level of teaching and training.

The school devotes a great deal of attention on the dancer’s technique and on the importance of performing on stage in front of an audience. Each dancer receives personalized corrections and, as a result, improves in a very short time.

The school also endeavours to give each dancer a feeling of achievement. Donita Ballet School has won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in various dance competitions in the province of Ontario, including the Peel Music Festival.

A well as receiving numerous awards for its excellent work, the Donita Ballet School also trains adult dancers to an incredibly high standard, offering individuals the opportunity to practice and progress on its courses and, in some cases, to pursue a professional career in adult ballet. Each dancer receives passionate advice and guidance concerning their technique and they also take part in rigorous training programs.
The school also provides professional dance classes for children from the age of three. Each daily class lasts for one hour, with the year’s work culminating in a recital, which is staged before a live audience.

The school has received a great deal of praise for the quality of its teaching. Students, both past and present, frequently write glowing testimonials in which they express their immense satisfaction: individuals highlight the quality of the ballet teaching and the emphasis that is placed on individual growth, learning and understanding. They, in turn, conclude that the school is an ideal choice both for amateur dancers who are looking to hone their technique and for aspiring professionals who dream of one day securing a principal role in a world class production.

Located in the Thornhill, North York, and Toronto north area, the Donita Ballet School is run with the utmost care and concern. Individuals searching for high quality ballet training need look no further than this stellar establishment. The dance classes provided at this school are passionately and professionally delivered. To learn more about the courses on offer or to secure yourself a prodigious place, contact the school’s team.