Many people take ballet in Toronto as children and then drift away from it during their teenage years. There is no reason, however, why you should not start learning ballet in later life, or pick it up where you left off. Nowadays, people of all ages from seven to seventy are enjoying the many benefits of regularly taking classes at ballet schools like the Donita Ballet School. Ballet helps to improve many aspects of health including:

1. Flexibility and Posture

Basic ballet training begins with learning to stand straight and hold the hips squared properly. Poor posture can lead to musculoskeletal problems in later life as well as digestive problems and problems of the nervous system. Properly taught, ballet can help to prevent many of these problems from developing.

2. Coordination and balance

Ballet dancers need excellent balance and coordination to perfect many of the steps, for example when performing pirouettes. Once developed, improved coordination can lead to success in other sports such as skating and gymnastics and helps to maintain fitness and reduce the risk of falling in later years.

3. Muscle Strength and Tone

Ballet dancers are very strong; they may not be big and bulky, but rigorous ballet training leads to long, lean muscles and bodies with elegantly toned thighs, tums and bums. It also improves core strength which can help prevent conditions such as chronic back pain.

4. Cardiovascular stamina

Advanced ballet dancers have to be fit enough to dance for long performances and acquire excellent cardiovascular endurance and stamina. This is not so apparent in beginners but, even for novices, ballet is an excellent addition to other forms of cardiovascular exercise.

5. Confidence

Ballet is a performing art and you will learn grace, poise and self-discipline, leading to an increased sense of self-esteem and worth. When you enroll in a class at your chosen ballet school in Toronto, you’ll learn to cooperate with others. Dance is also an excellent way for shy people to gain social confidence. As you advance, you may learn to dance with a partner and perform in end-of-term shows.


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