Welcome to my dance blog. My name is Donita and I love everything that has to do with dancing and ballet. Although it was not always that way.  Let me tell you about how I fell in love with dancing and ballet.

I started taking Classical Ballet at a very young age. That was not my choice. Living in France, most parents enrolled their daughters to the conservatory of dance, to refine their education. A daughter had to be graceful, elegant and have good manners, but not necessarily be a professional ballerina. From the age of four until twelve I resented going to those ballet classes because the dance teachers were very strict and stern. After a few years, my teachers approached my parents asking them to make me attend classes more than once a week. Apparently I was very talented. I remember being tested every year for a dance exam on stage, and every year I succeeded passing to the next level without making any effort. Of course my parents asked me whether I wanted to add more lessons and I said NO!  For me, once a week was enough!

One day going into my twelfth birthday, I was rehearsing for my dance exam in class and I heard two teachers talking to each other and pointing out to me that I was very good and for sure I was going to succeed the exam. At that point I saw my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was me dancing. Since that day, I fell in love, so much in love with Classical Ballet that I asked my parents for more classes. My whole life changed, I had a goal. I was constantly dancing at home, on the streets, waiting for an elevator, at school, everywhere. Everybody knew me as Donita the dancer. I became a professional dancer with “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens” and other companies. Now my second love is teaching and choreographing and my goal is to pass on to all my students my passion and appreciation of classical ballet and music.